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About me.....  
"After breaking from my career (as a Personnel Officer) to start a family I slowly became absorbed into the world of antique trading. Beginning with 'flea markets' and progressing to several antique shops on the south coast."
"Today I spend much of my time travelling up and down the UK operating at the big antique trade fairs"


Dickinson's Real Deal "In 2006 I was invited to take part in a new show with David 'The Duke' Dickinson - 'Dickinson's Real Deal' with around 10 other dealers. I've been a regular on the show ever since."

"More recently a new show, 'Secret Dealers' hit the screens - I'm very proud to be a member of this exciting new programme........" Secret Dealers

"........it's always great to hear from fans around the world as the programmes go out to over 20 countries."